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Floor Level Discharge Depalletizer

Automatic Depalletizer

This floor level beverage discharge machine, shown below, was custom designed and manufactured by Uni-Pak Corp. using a combination of fabrication processes, including bending, cutting, forming, machining, and polishing. All features of this complex unit – from the steel welded frame to the traveling platform and single filer – our expert staff constructed in-house. We also created the programming for this unique, automated beverage system.

Our custom depalletizer was designed to bulk load multiple cans and bottles produced from various materials (glass, plastic, or metal). Once we fully manufactured this depalletizer, we tested this unit using our buyer’s product to ensure our equipment satisfied all customer requirements for design and performance. We then shipped the completed depalletizer to our client’s facility in Longwood, Florida.

Project Highlights of this Automatic Depalletizer

Product Description

This Depalletizer is a Floor Level Discharge Machine

Capabilities Applied / Processes

  • Design
    • Designed by Uni-Pak for the client
    • CAD Prints of Design Generated
    • All equipment is tested with buyers product before shipping


    • Bending
    • Cutting
    • Forming
    • Grinding
    • Machining
    • Polish
  • Welding

    • Paint
    • Powder Coating


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Punch Laser

Material Used

Steel Frame (welded)


  • Hoist
    Traveling Platform
    Layer Sweep
    Layer Sheet Grippers
    Layer Sheet Storage Bin
  • Accumulation Table
    Manual or Automatic Operating Package
    Infeed Pallet Conveyor
    Empty Pallet Stacker and Conveyor
    Single Filer



  • Speed: To suit application
  • Typical Pallet Size: 44″x56″


  • Pallet Stationary w/ Layer Transport Removing Layer and Transferring to Accumulation Table
  • Heavy Welded Steel Leg Structure
  • 5 HP Brake Motor w/ Frequency Controller
  • Pneumatic Side Shrouds on Traveling Platform
  • Automatic Height Control w/ Photoeye for Locating Top of Pallet
  • Automatic Pallet Positioning Stop
  • Push Button Control Station
  • NEMA 12 Wired Control Panel
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Fused Disconnect Switch
    • Transformer
    • Allen-Bradley (1500) P. L.C. w/ Panel View 600 plus
  • 110″ Max. Pallet Load Height (including pallet)

Layer Sweep:

  • On Traveling Platform
  • Front & Rear Sweep Pusher Flight Bar Driven by Separate 3/4 HP Motors
  • Pneumatic Adjustable Side Shrouds
  • Sweep Transfers Off the Pallet and onto Accumulation Table

Layer Sheet Grippers:

  • Dual Set of Cam Activated Jaw Type Grippers
  • Grippers Mounted on Rear Stack Alignment Pusher

Layer Sheet Storage:

  • Layer Sheets are Manually Removed at Accumulation Table or:
  • Automatic Layer Sheet Storage is Located at the Side of Hoist

Accumulation Table:

  • 8′ Long x 4′ Wide (Standard Built to Suit All Applications)
  • 1 HP Motor w/ Variable Frequency Controller
  • Rex Series 8505 Flush Grid Matt Chain or Interlox 900 Raise Rib
  • Two Switches on Table
    • High Level to Control Sweep Cycle
    • Low Level to Control Single Filling

Single Filer:

  • Designed to Suit Buyer’s Floor Plan Application

Empty Pallet Stacker:

  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lift
  • Empty Pallet Conveyor from Hoist to Stacker

Infeed Pallet Conveyor:

  • 7′ Long (standard) Optional Additional Staging Conveyor
  • 1 HP Motor w/ Variable Speed
  • Each Operates Independent of Each Other
  • Each Conveyor Has PhotoEye Detection of Pallet

Automatic Operating Package:

  • Automatically Indexes New Pallets
  • Traveling Platform Seeks Top of Pallet For Sweep Cycle
  • Automatically Removes Picture Frames and Layer Sheets

In process testing performed

Test w/ Buyers Product Before Shipment

Industry for


  • Bulk Loads of Cans or Bottles-Glass, Plastic or Metal

Shipping Location

Longwood, Florida

Product Name

8000 A 110 Depalletizer